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Saturday club helps raise money to cover extreme veterinary bills

VACAVILLE — The Saturday Club went to the dogs this weekend with a visit from some canines and owners who shared the history of the animals with club members.

It wasn’t just a fest of dogs, but also a fundraiser for Saving Gracie, an angel fund for pets.

Lisa Hilas, executive director of Saving Gracie, began the organization three and half years ago to help owners who face the choice of euthanizing their dogs because of extreme emergency health issues and not having enough money to pay for life-saving surgery.


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The Reporter

Saving Gracie Returns as Beneficiary of

spring wine walk

Despite intermittent spells of rain, spring finally appears to be on the horizon. Downtown Vacaville is ushering in the season with its 16th annual Spring Wine Walk.

As always, downtown businesses will be opening their doors for an afternoon of wine tastings, discounts and entertainment as strollers go from place to place with a wine glass in hand...

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Building Wealth and a Life of Giving Back

An episode of Weekly Cravings

Lisa Hilas is the business owner and CEO of Saving Gracie, an angel fund for Pets that’s saved countless of fur babies for families that couldn’t afford surgery costs. She is an incredible business woman and an unstoppable force that doesn’t take no for an answer. We chat about vulnerability in business, retiring at 44 after getting diagnosed with a rare retinal disease, and turning disability into a VIP experience.

The Saturday Club's Doggie Fashion Show & Benefit

The Reporter

"It’s not as if the contestants are vying for a chance to be on the cover of Mod- ern Dog magazine. Bragging rights? More like barking rights. The first Doggie Fashion Show & Benefit on Satur- day benefits some humans as well pooches when ca- nines of various breeds are unleashed at the Vacaville Saturday Club..."


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Saving Gracie featured in

The Daily Republic

"A conversation between acquaintances, combined with the loss of a beloved pet, was the impetus for the Vacaville-based nonprofit Saving Gracie, an angel fund for pets.

Pets such as Evie the dog, whose aorta and lung were punctured..."

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Around Town Vacaville

Saving Gracie featured in

"Local pet lovers received a dog-gone unusual appeal in the mail this past holiday season.

It came from Zeus, a 3-year-old English/ French bulldog who’s a canine on a mission to raise funds for Saving Gracie, a Vacaville nonprofit organization that saved his life.

In the letter, he shares the terrible tale of how he ingested a Tonka truck that wreaked havoc with his intestinal system. The diagnostics would cost more than $1,000...

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Vacaville Magazine

Saving Gracie featured in

"Local pet lovers received a doggone unusual appeal in the mail this past holiday season. It came from Zeus, a three-year old old English/ French bulldog who's a canine on a mission to raise funds for Saving Gracie, a Vacaville non-profit organization that saved his life. 

In the letter he shares the terrible tale of how he..." 

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Walk Pets 4 Pets

Thank you to Caroline, the students of Armijo High and everyone who helped organize Walk Pets 4 Pets!
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Thank you so much for coming to and supporting the inaugural Walk Pets 4 Pets!

Thanks to your generosity we raised over $1500!

We gave all our proceeds evenly between the Solano County Animal Shelter, SPCA of Solano County, Solano Wildlife Center and Saving Gracie Rescue.

The animals being saved by these groups are thankful! Time to make an even bigger difference next year! - Caroline Chouinard

Puppy Playcare at Pawsh Place!

Check out this great video from Good Day Sacramento about Puppy Play Care at Pawsh Place with a shout out to Saving Gracie! We can't thank our friends at Pawsh Place enough for being such great partners in saving animals in our community!
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Vacaville Police Department Honors Saving Gracie

“I feel like this is my love story to the community.” That’s what Lisa Hilas says about the decision to start her non-profit, Saving Gracie. Saving Gracie is an angel fund for pets. Lisa named the organization after her 3-year-old mini Australian Shepherd but it was the tragic loss of a childhood pet in an accident that led her to the creation of the non-profit. Many pet owners are faced with the heartbreak of euthanizing their pet simply because they cannot afford medical care. Lisa realized that there were many animals in Solano County who could survive if their families only had the money to pay for their treatment. Although Saving Gracie is already responsible for saving Evie, a 2-year-old Belgian Malinois who needed emergency surgery to remove a foxtail from her aorta, Lisa says she is in fundraising mode for the first year. She raised several thousand dollars at a Pet Palooza last month and is working on coordinating more joint fundraisers in the future. Lisa also plans on promoting preventative education so pet owners can avoid these emergencies in the first place. 

During this ‘Season of Giving’, members of the Vacaville Police Department were honored to recognize Lisa and Saving Gracie as one of our outstanding givers in the community. She was presented with flowers and a gift box at PAWSH Place Veterinary Center. Brenden Theaters also provided a recognition basket full of wonderful goodies. The Staff at PAWSH will be the advisors who evaluate each medical case when a family applies for a grant through Saving Gracie. They also helped to raise money this holiday season by setting up two Christmas trees and allowing people to sponsor paper ornaments on them. PAWSH will continue to accept donations on behalf of Saving Gracie in the future, but you can also donate on their website:

Lisa was nominated for this honor by her friend, Tamara Connors. Tamara wrote a lovely letter to us that said in part, “Lisa was diagnosed with a rare retinal condition that took her central vision in 2010 rendering her unable to drive or read without assistive technology. She has not only overcome her disability, but has used it as a tool to show others that life can get much better after hard times. Saving Gracie and all of the other work she does in Solano County are a labor of love for the community she credits with supporting and "saving" her. I hope you will consider honoring this selfless and inspiring woman. She is all heart. “

Saving Gracie in the Reporter

"Lisa Hilas’s childhood pet showed up at her home while her father was away on a fishing trip.Her parents eventually let him stay.“That dog was the love I knew as a child,” Hilas said..."

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Saving Gracie in the Reporter

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