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Meet some of the pets Saving Gracie has assisted with medical funds!

Bella & Robbie

At Saving Gracie, our mission is simple and it comes from the heart:

We give pets a second chance at life.

This love story is about Bella,

a 6-year-old Rottweiler who was

given a second chance and what that meant to her owner, Robbie.


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Gracie & marisa

"Our sweet fur girl made it through surgery to remove the infection. She’s on the road to healing and being feisty and sassy again. 

I’m beyond thankful to God for placing Lisa Hilas and her Saving Gracie foundation in our lives at just the right time. We couldn’t have saved her without Lisa’s extreme generosity and help. 

Thank you God for working through the veterinary’s hands to make Gracie’s surgery an incredible success."



Our family was panicking when we awoke one night to a large amount of blood on our bedroom floor.  Our sweet girl Nala was sick.  We rushed her to the vet hospital where they reassured us that she would be ok.  But during all the testing it was discovered that she had a large stone in her bladder.  Everything began to make sense.  We had been struggling for months with reoccurring bladder infections that never completely resolved.  Thankful that our girl was going to be ok we began searching for a place to perform her surgery. It quickly became evident that the surgery would be more then we could financially afford.  Our family was heartbroken as we struggled with the thought of having to put down our family member.  That was when someone informed us about the Saving Gracie Foundation.  We were over the top happy to find somewhere that could help us save our little girl.  She was scheduled immediately for same day surgery to have the stone removed and it couldn’t have happened at a better time as the vet explained that her urethra was complete blocked. 
We will forever be grateful for the Saving Gracie Foundation and generosity of all the individuals who make this program possible.  Our family is whole today because of everyone involved.
and also .......
Thank you to everyone at Pawsh Place  for caring for our little girl.  Every part of our experience was great. My family will be regular customers from this day forward. 

Brian and Vicki Chavez


"Popcorn is my world and if it wasn't for you guys, I'd be crushed right now because I wouldn't have a live dog. And for what Pawsh and the Saving Gracie foundation did- there's nothing that words can even say to thank you guys enough for what you did for me and my husband with Popcorn. I was just beside myself because I feel right now at this point in time, because I am going through a lot of other things, she’s the only thing that’s holding me together. And I would’ve lost her that day. She’s just my whole world, and without you guys, my world would’ve been crushed. I wouldn’t have her here alive with me today."  

-Shannon Powell


"Steve came to Pawsh Place one afternoon after being tied with a female for four hours. The doctor found his penis was so swollen it would not return back into its preputial sheath, causing a condition called paraphimosis. After reducing the penis back to normal, the doctor sent home some medication and Steve went home. The next day, the owners returned because the condition returned and Steve hadn’t been able to urinate. The doctors needed to act fast, sedate steve, and do whatever they could to decrease the swelling. The procedure was long and expensive, the owner had a discussion of euthanasia as a suitable option over treatment. The Saving Gracie Foundation stepped in and offered a grant to pay for Steves procedure. The Saving Gracie Foundation provided Steve with a second shot at life, he is now 10 months old, happy and healthy, enjoys long walks through the park and snacking on apples!" -Heather Lammi, Veterinary Assistant


An adorable cartoon drawn by Chippy's Mom and another life saved!


On July 13 2015 I rescued my baby girl Tossa. She is a twice over rescue. Being a former backyard breeder dog and having her vocal cords cut to end up being adopted to another family who did not properly care for her feeding her mashed potatoes and m&ms.

She instantly became family. I suffer from sever anxiety and slight depression and she made most all of that subside. My kids were in love with her as much as I am.

The past year Tossa had been suffering from dry eye which she was put on medicated eye drops. On June 25th, her eye became so bad that a goober formed on her eye and when it dislodged blood started seeping out. 

I contacted her vet and was told to keep the eye drops going and use a cold compress. I knew in my heart and expressed it was way worse.

Financially I was in a really hard spot as my husband had gone thru heart failure and struggling to keep things afloat.

I reached out to Facebook for any ideas and got a lot of support and ideas. After countless calls and leads I was pointed to Pawsh in vacaville. 

I expressed my situation and was welcomed in to bring her for an exam. They tested her eye and her good one was at a pressure test of 21 and her bad eye at a 31.

I was given an estimate for eye removal and went back home to figure things out. Not even an hour after getting home she rubbed her bad eye and looked like she tore it open and it was seeping more blood.

Calling pawsh back I was emotionally so distraught I could barely breathe. I was advised to bring her back and took tossa right in. 

She was stable enough to go home but needed this eye out. Knowing in my heart putting Tossa down was not an option, she’s got so much love and life. That’s when I met Darci from Saving Gracie. Such a sweet understanding woman with a heart of gold. Her gracious heart was there to help me with funding of Tossa’s procedure. 

I literally felt like I had met Tossa’s guardian angel. That was only the beginning. I had even made a few new friends that were also willing to help us out.

Tossa’s surgery on June 26th went smoothly and wow when I saw her, my heart was so full I could not contain myself. Her eye that was removed looked so good, I mean wow. Very little swelling and looked just amazing, almost like she was just winking at everyone. 

June 27th 6am. Tossa is alert, bright eyed and as spunky, funky as can be! I mean she got her mojo back! 

Darci, all the staff at Pawsh and my Facebook people saved her. Guardian angels do exist and walk amongst us daily. 

I am forever grateful for what wonderful service and support I have gotten. Darci and Pawsh are now an extended part of my family!


One early morning in April 2018, I awoke finding my 13 year old Mini Schnauzer, Lucy, not in her bed. I went into the living room and found her sleeping on the carpet. In addition, I was alarmed to find that she had vomited a couple of times sometime during the night. When Lucy stirred from sleep she was very unstable on her paws, and had to urinate a lot; some of the pee had blood.

Lucy and I have been together almost 14 years. She was 11 weeks old when my husband and I picked her up from a farm family in Iowa. After my husband passed, Lucy was my companion, my dog child, and I was her mom.  She and I did almost everything together. I had to get her help, fast.

Determined, I knew I had to get her to a veterinarian. A few months earlier we moved to Vacaville and didn’t yet have a family vet. Desperately, I started calling vets in Vacaville wanting to get a same day appointment, but there was nothing available same day. A local friend of mine had told me about Pawsh Place. I called them and they had a same day afternoon appointment slot open.

Lucy could hardly walk, and because of my physical disability I was unable to carry Lucy to my car. Thankfully, a neighbor was able to help me get Lucy to the vet. A very kind and caring Dr. Chancellor gave Lucy a thorough examination and did some tests. Lucy had a severe UTI-Urinary Tract Infection and inflammation in her kidneys. Dr. Chancellor gave Lucy injections of antibiotics and anti-nausea medication and take-home prescriptions of antibiotics and pain medication. I was told to keep an eye on Lucy’s condition. Lucy seemed fine for a while.

A couple weeks later, Lucy’s symptoms returned and she had an x-ray of her bladder. It was discovered that Lucy had a bladder stone and a mass, which was thought to be a blood clot. 

 Lucy was on a special prescription diet for a few weeks to hopefully dissolve the stone. But, to no avail, the food didn’t work. Dr. Chancellor said surgery was necessary.

Lucy’s symptoms were getting worse.

I asked Dr. Chancellor what the surgery would cost to remove the stone. She said about $1500. I grimaced. I was on a limited income and could not afford to pay that much. That is when Dr. Chancellor told me about Saving Gracie. She would put in an inquiry for Lucy. A few days later, I received a call from Pawsh that my request for funds was accepted. I was elated and thankful to Saving Gracie for their generosity.

Lucy’s surgery was scheduled a few days later. After dropping Lucy off for surgery, I received an unexpected call later that day from Pawsh. Dr. Chancellor removed the stone, but the mass in Lucy’s bladder was suspected to be cancer. A biopsy was taken and a week later it was confirmed that Lucy had bladder cancer.

My heart sank to my feet.

This was a bitter sweet outcome for my precious Lucy. The bladder stone was removed therefore providing relief and comfort to her. Knowing the cancer will eventually take over, and I will need to make final decisions, is looming.

I am very grateful to Saving Gracie Foundation funding a portion of Lucy’s surgery. They gave sweet Lucy extra time to enjoy her life and for us to spend quality moments together.


Theresa Vogel Millward, Writer & Author


While going for a family walk one night with Dobby, our 6 year old pug/shitzu mix, we noticed that he was peeing blood.  Uh oh... that can’t be good, we thought.  We immediately called our veterinarian at Pawsh and brought him in.  They did an ultra sound and found a mass in his bladder.  He was given antibiotics and she told us to keep an eye on him and hopefully the bleeding will subside.  Over the course of the next few days, we were so thankful to see that there was no more blood in his urine!  We thought we were all in the clear... until we he started peeing blood again a few days after the antibiotics were gone.  We took Dobby back to Pawsh as our 3 year old cried because he didn’t want Dobby to be hurt again. They took an xray of his bladder and saw that he had big bladder stones.  The veterinarian told us that it was going to require surgery.  When she gave us the quote, or hearts sank.  There was no possible way that we would be able to afford the surgery.  We tried to brainstorm ways that we could get the funds to save our pup, but there was just nothing that we could do.  Our hearts ached as we started to think of ways to tell our 3 year old that his buddy was sick and that we couldn’t help him.  Then we got the call from Pawsh!  They let us know about Saving Gracie and that they were willing and able to help us with the cost of the surgery!  Our prayers had been answered!  Dobby was scheduled for surgery and recovered like a champ!  Dobby has been more active and playful then he has been in a VERY long time.  Sadly it’s because we didn’t know he was in pain all this time, but the good news is that he is no longer hurting!  We have our old friend back and couldn’t be more grateful!  Words cannot express how thankful we are for Saving Gracie and those that support this amazing organization!


-The Borgen Family


     After having to put my dog, Pout, down after 17 years of being his mom I swore I would never get another dog.  Four years passed and then I get a phone call about a female Pit Bull who had about 3 days to find a home or be euthanized. I fell in love with her instantly through her picture. She was very sweet, super hyper and tail wagging when I went to pick her up. This was despite having had no human or animal contact for about 8 to 10 months. Sheba was being kept in a backyard by someone who would just throw food out to her when they thought about it and close the door. Needless to say she was dehydrated, scared and lacking in basic manners but she was headed to a home where she would live indoors, play outside if she wanted to and would never worry about food or water again.  Two weeks of lots of love and Sheba is now healthy and thriving and ready to run and play AT ALL TIMES. So the first opportunity she saw to run out of the front door of our home she took full advantage of. She ran directly into the street, a car hit her and kept going. I thought she was gone but she hopped up and began dragging herself towards me.


She was rushed to an emergency hospital where it was determined thankfully that there was no head trauma or internal injuries but her leg was fractured in several places and should probably be amputated. Heartbroken, I searched for anyone who could help with a second opinion and also with the cost of any further treatment because we definitely couldn’t afford expensive surgery.  

      Saving Gracie and Pawsh Place to the rescue!!!  The first number I called was Saving Gracie and they referred us to Pawsh Place for an exam.  After a 20 minute visit and a follow up call from the doctor we were told that not only could Sheba’s leg be saved but that half of the cost of her surgery would be covered by Saving Gracie!! The kindness of the staff at Pawsh Place, the generosity of Saving Gracie and the prognosis that Sheba would be fully functional was overwhelming.   In tears we prayed for all of these people and what they do asking for them to continue to be blessed in a way that enables them to continue doing the amazing work that they do.  Sheba is now 3 weeks out of surgery. She has a slight limp as she’s learning to trust her leg again but she’s happy, tail back to wagging and she’s they joy of our home.  We will be forever grateful and supportive of Saving Gracie and Pawsh Place. There just is not a better place to support or refer to for your pet. 


Carla Lawson 


On Tuesday the 5th of January we brought our 4 year old cat Lex into Pawsh because he was not urinating. Once we arrived it was clear to Dr. Hatt that Lex had a blockage and she needed to start treatment right away. My first thought was wait, how much is this going to cost me? Dr. Hatt quoted us 800 to 1000 dollars for treatment. I was shocked. Money is tight and our family loves our cat but that is was more than we could afford at this time. Dr. Hatt sent us home with some meds, that we all hoped and prayed would do the trick. However, the next morning is was clear to me that Lex was not improving and I knew that we could not afford treatment. Our family truly spent the day praying for a miracle. Every time Lex would get in the litter box I would cry and pray he would pee, knowing that if he didn’t we were going to have to say goodbye to him. 

So on the afternoon of the 6th I called Dr. Hatt back and asked if there was anything else we could to do. Dr. Hatt said he needs treatment now or you have to make the decision to put him down. Needless to say at this point I was an emotional mess. My kids would be home from school and we had already been over every option there was just no way we were going to have the money. I knew I was going to have to tell my son, whom is Lex’s boy, that he would have to say goodbye to his cat. I couldn’t even make the call back to schedule the dreaded appointment so I had my husband do it for us. When he walked back into the room he said that Pawsh wanted Lex back down there right away and that The Saving Gracie Foundation was funding Lex’s critical medical treatment! We all melted, our prayers were answered. I never imagined this is how it would have worked out, answered prayers. If it wasn’t for Saving Gracie we would have had to say to goodbye to our Lex, our beloved family member. We were actually getting ready to say our goodbyes when we heard the amazing news!  Thanks to Saving Gracie, Lex was able to receive his life-saving surgery. Thankfully, the procedure was a success! We feel so fortunate to have our boy back home now and on the mend! 


From the bottoms of our hearts we are so thankful!!


The McConnell Family! 

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